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 AFC is a subsidiary company of Gaznefteservis Joint Stock Company .BFC Majors in the manufacturing and production of all kinds of fetilizer for sell in and outside the Russian Federation.



 Gaznefteservis Fertlizer is an emerging unconventional fertilizers production and marketing company which was formed in 1996 by Arcticneft executives to pursue the opportunities created by privatization of the Russian agrochemical industry.



 Fetlizer is a fertilizers production and marketing company operating in the exciting agrichemicals provinces of Perm region in the former Soviet Union.

A controlling stake in Gaznefteservis Fertilizer is held by the Gaznefteservis  Joint Stock Company, and the Company is run by a management organization called Gaznefteservis Joint Stock Company. It has achieved strong financial results over the past few years, and its planned investment for 2009 amounts to 176.9 billion rubles. For the Gaznefteservis Fertilizer, social investment means continuous dialogue with stakeholders and an awareness that commercial performance depends directly on how successfully social and environmental issues are addressed.
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