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Health, Safety, and the Environment

  One of the Group’s key priorities is to effectively manage risks that impact employee health and safety and to protect the environment. Gaznefteservis strives to continuously improve its results in the field of occupational, industrial, and environmental safety.

The following principles lay in the foundation of the Group’s Health, Safety, and Environment Policy:

  • Preventing environmental pollution, injury, and illness of employees and the general public

  • Minimizing the negative impact of the Group’s activities on the environment

  • Reducing operational risks

  • Rationally using natural resources, introducing modern waste management technologies

  • Improving the Group’s integrated management system, which complies with ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007

  • Ensuring the Group’s contracting also comply with its health, safety, and environment requirements

  • Improving the employees’ skills, knowledge, and awareness in the field of health, safety, and the environment

  • Holding a direct dialogue with stakeholders through public discussions to assess the impact of proposed activities on the environment and by publishing information in the media, the corporate newspaper, and on the Group's website

  • Supporting the local population and indigenous peoples who live in places of the Group’s operations.



One of the Group’s recent priorities in this field has been the implementation and certification of an integrated management system. It combines an environmental management system (according to ISO 14001) and a system of occupational safety and employee health management (according to OHSAS 18001).

In 2016, the Group’s integrated management system successfully passed the third audit by the world’s leader in certification of industrial enterprises — DQS Holding GmbH. Certification of the Group’s integrated management system serves as proof of its reliability as a business partner, a confirmation of a high level of management, and is necessary to enter new sales markets and attract new investments.

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