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Petroleum And Gas

Advancements in computer science found applications designing & managing plants, simplifying calculations & drawings that previously had to be done manually. The completion of the Human Genome Project is also seen as a major development.

Chemical engineering involves managing plant processes and conditions to ensure optimal plant operation. Chemical reaction engineers construct models for reactor analysis and design using laboratory data performance.

Industry Processes


Oil and gas are transported to processing facilities, and from there to end users, by pipeline, tanker/ barge, truck, and rail, pipelines.


Midstream service providers apply sed technological solutions to improve efficiency during midstream processes technology can be used works.


Processing and refining operatons turn crude oil and gas into marktable products. In the case of crude oil, these products include heating oil, gasoline for use in vehicles, jet fuel, and diesel oil. Oil refining processes include distillation, vacuum distillation, catalytic reforming, catalytic cracking, alkylation, isomerization and hydrotreating.

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