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OOO Gaznefteservis Company is one of the largest supplier of petroleum products and one of the leading Russian oil & gas producing, exploring, exporting and transporting company; products from the company are supplied to the domestic market and for export globally.

OOO Gaznefteservis Company engages in oil and gas prospecting, and developing oil fields and extracts minerals and other mineral resources, energy product throughout Russian Federation.

OOO Gaznefteservis Company have large investments in oil-producing complexes, oil refineries, and gas processing plants and supplies oil and gas product to Europe and globally and deliveries are made ​​from Kurgan production and refining complexes of own resources resulting from customer-owned oil refining for the needs of businesses and subsidiaries.

OOO Gaznefteservis Company is also engaged in exploration and production of hydrocarbons, production of petroleum products and petrochemicals, and marketing and exporting of the outputs to global market and foreign consumers.  


OOO Gaznefteservis Company has been successfully implementing its strategy of steady production growth, supported by constant monitoring and adoption of innovative technology with posting fivefold growth in crude output over the last five years. Furthermore, the Company consistently maintains high operating efficiency, and has the lowest upstream production and operating expenses among its national and other international oil and gas companies. The company is also one of the leading independent oil and gas producers in Russia Federation, with an annual output of natural and associated gas exceeding 5 bcm. The Company’s vast and unique reserve portfolio ensures steady long-term growth in gas output and currently implementing comprehensive advance measures aimed at achieving a target gas utilization rate of 98%, one of the Company’s high-priority objectives.

OOO Gaznefteservis Company throughput in 2015 is one of the high records for the Russian oil and gas industry. The convenient and favorable locations of the company production plants and partner refineries enable the Company to raise consistently the efficiency of petroleum product distribution, transportation, sales and exportation. The company is now actively involved in expanding and upgrading its production plants and refineries to enhance further the balance between crude output and refinery throughput, and to boost production of higher value-added petroleum products meeting the latest environmental standards. OOO Gaznefteservis Company operates proprietary marine terminals in Novorossiysk, Primorsk , Vladivostok, Tuapse, Nakhodka and Arkhangelsk, black sea, which allows the Company to capture increase and higher margins on exports of crude oil and petroleum product. The company is currently implementing advance expansion and modernization programs and ideology at its terminals to ensure their capacity meets future export volumes and consumers requirement.

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OOO Gaznefteservis Company is widely engaged in production and exportation of Russian dry gas, liquid gas, petroleum gas; pentane fraction; petrol: AI – 80, 92, 95; Aviation kerosene TS-1, RT; diesel fuel; gasoline, black fuel oil M-100, M-40; construction and road bitumen; Sulphur, Urea Fertilizer and other energy product in Russian region of Kurgan region and other regions such as Western and Eastern Siberia in Russian Federation. The Company participates in several exploration and production projects in Russia and globally. OOO Gaznefteservis Company production and refining complexes have convenient locations throughout Russian Federation, from the Black Sea coast to the Far East, Novorossiysk trunk oil pipeline transports, Baltic Pipeline System (BPS), Kstovo–Yaroslavl–Kirishi–Primorsk pipeline and Sever project, Eastern Siberia–Pacific Ocean oil pipeline (ESPO pipeline) OOO Gaznefteservis Company product from the Caspian shore to the West that enhance the company export capability to foreign markets and Company’s retail networkcovers different regions of the Russian Federation.

OOO Gaznefteservis Company has a vast and high-quality product reserve base, with total proved hydrocarbon reserves of 10 bln barrels of oil, the company is rated high among the best indicators for a global publicly traded oil and gas company with proved reserve-to-production ratio is 5 years. The company is well-placed for efficient increase in hydrocarbon production. In addition, the company has access to 9 bln barrels of oil equivalent of probable reserves and to 8 bln barrels of oil equivalent of possible reserves, which will become the main source of proved reserve extension in the future to come.

OOO Gaznefteservis Company is focused on expanding its resource base through intensive exploration and new acquisitions in order to secure sustainable production growth in the long term. During the years, the company has showed strong reserve replacement performance: in 2015, the company proved reserve replacement ratio was 125%. OOO Gaznefteservis Company top exploration projects are located in the most rich deposits of oil and gas area and promising hydrocarbon regions of Russia, such as Kurgan region, Eastern and Western Siberia, the Far East, and Russia’s southern seas, the company has access to over 27 bln barrels of oil equivalent of prospective recoverable resources.

OOO Gaznefteservis Company implement numbers of strategic solutions to quickly solve problems for resource planning, shipping and transporting of fuel, avoiding the delays and disruptions of supply, which is an important factor for the end customer. The company innovate developed geographical ideologies that makes it possible to take into account such factors as the location of enterprise customers, refinery, transportation costs, chemical and other characteristics of products supplied.

OOO Gaznefteservis Company offer specialize training to their employees as an integral part of the production process of the company where it is constantly being upgraded training and an enabling environment for employment and self-actualization of each employee. The principles and values as well as competent personnel policies to withstand a steady course of development, as each employee and the organization as a whole. The element of the structure of the company is an extensive network of representatives, constantly working in several regions of Russia and globally that carry out important information and analysis tasks. OOO Gaznefteservis Company gives great attention to cooperation with foreign and local enterprises and exhibits in this great interest.

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